Getting Pre-Approved

Getting Pre-Approved

Potential buyers in the Grand Junction real estate market likely want to be sure the entire buying process runs smoothly. One way to make sure the search for homes in Grand Junction becomes smoother, quicker, and more productive is to become preapproved for a mortgage. Others may opt to look for a home first, find the one that appeals to them the most, and then seek out a home loan. Following this strategy just might create a few stumbling blocks. A better idea is to seek out pre-approval on a home loan in advance of any search for new property.

First, when you have a pre-approval letter, you are clearly demonstrating you can borrow the money necessary to buy a home in Grand Junction, Colorado. Nothing can be more frustrating than looking for a home, finding one you like, and then discovering you are not qualified or approved for a mortgage. Getting the pre-approval in advance shows you have gone beyond the pre-qualification stage and are primed to be issued a loan to buy the home. Clearly, this shows you are serious and ready to move on a purchase and all your inquiries are likely serious ones.

Real estate agents are going to work very hard on your behalf because they now know how serious you are and also know you have the means to close on the home you intend to purchase. The real estate agent knows he/she has a good client once the pre-approval letter is displayed. For a good, serious client, the agent is going to work very hard on his or her behalf to get the right home at the right price.

Pre-Approval allows you to discover just how much money you can borrow. The search for a home in Grand Junction can prove fruitless when you are looking at homes out of your price range. By knowing the amount of the mortgage you can be approved for, you can better target your search for the homes in Grand Junction, Colorado that are the right match for your budget.

This means it becomes a lot easier to buy the dream home you  really want!



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