Some people think that all real estate agents are “Realtors,” calling agents by that name generically without realizing that not every agent can legally use the title. A REALTOR is a real estate agent or affiliated real estate agent professional who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS, called NAR for short.

When agents become REALTORS they must agree to conduct their business in a way that adheres to the NAR’s Code of ethics. The REALTOR code covers ethical requirements that deal with all aspects of the job, from working with customers and fellow agents to writing truthful advertising. All licensed agents are required to take continuing education courses approved by their state licensing boards. To retain membership in the NAR, Realtors are required to take additional continuing education classes, often focusing on ethical work habits and other consumer protection topics.

You can have faith in knowing that Paul and Robin are REALTORS® who abide by a strict code of ethics and continue their education, whereby always having their clients’ best interests in mind!


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